Urban Walrus is based in Zurich and was formed in 2021 by Swiss-German Singer-Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fabian Koerber. The indie/alternative band draw from funk mystique, impressing its soft imprints on their blues rock sound. In their new single, All I Really Want, Urban Walrus tackles with romantic melancholy, serenading us with vibrant melodies that flow like psychedelic silk. 

The song has an existentialist provenance. When asked about the inspiration for the song, Koeber pointed to the song’s ‘what if’ lyrical structure that delves into the reason for our being, the purpose of it all – the goals and values. And while the words lure us into an endless Sisyphus loop, the melodies give us a trippy release, actualising a melodic hippie beach paradise that we can float into. 

This utopia is cultivated with soothing acoustics and soul vocals. Using naturalistic sounds like birds chirping and tropical beats, the track is made more immersive. Listeners of The Beach Boys, Elton John, and The Beatles are sure to enjoy this folk flavored rock song. The band debuted in 2021 with Pie in the Sky and has released three songs since. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to All I Really Want by Urban Walrus here –