Vamoosery is acclaimed for the dynamic rock music that ranges from pop and alt rock to prog rock and hard rock. They err on the exploratory side, driving to limits, only to vanquish them. The band has released their debut album, ‘Moving Forward’, its operating theme being the journey out of darkness and failure. Deep humanistic contemplations are shaped by edgy rhythms, flourishing riff work, and bold sense of style. Their innate confidence and will to play adds a whole lot to the energy. It transfers instantly to the listener and along with it the will to rise and revive.

iTunes Artwork for 'Moving Forward (by Vamoosery)'

The track, ‘Pieces’ is taken from this collection. It is sprayed with so many textures and movements. At the bedrock is the punky percussive spirit. Its momentum is fleshed out by wiry basslines, anthemic pop vocals, and crunchy riffs. ‘The pieces will come together’. This affirmation is cast into the soundscape, nurtured with desperate hope and manifestations, and is rode into a heavy prog rock sunset. If you enjoy the dualities and vibrancy brought to rock by bands like Evanescence/Paramore and Avril Levigne, this band is for you. Listen Now!

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