Harnessing the unstoppable quality and fierceness of water, Water Rise is a bassist/guitarist with a robust rock sound. For his new track, Escape, Water Rise collaborated with singer-songwriter, MIK’s Reaction. And together, they do all the right things to transport us to a world of modern rock, emulating the vibrancy and uncontainability of the 80s. Revving with charisma and impactful  in its delivery, the track is revering and refreshing. The artist preceded the release of the original song with an instrumental version, charming in its luminosity. 

With a rock n roll groove and bright riffs, the track is a magnificent pump of energy. The despondent timbre of the vocals blossom with dimension and a dark story. Roaming basslines carry the theme of the song, as they escape into the sparky riffs. What’s interesting is how the artist ties in melodic expression with rougher grunge elements. Their simultaneous hyper-activity makes the song a dynamic canvas, bursting with emotion. 

Water Rise debuted in 2021 with his single, A New Breath. And has since released six singles in three years. Across his discography, his relentless concern for the earth and its deterioration becomes increasingly apparent. Like in his single, Man Who Sold The World or his self-titled single.

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Escape by Water Rise here –