Weather king is a musical project that made its debut in 2017 with its EP named 33 which was a perfect piece of art. Their music is something that seems to be pulled right out of a dream. They go heavy on acoustics and always manage to deliver an impact that will leave you spellbound. Their lyrics have a theme and are written with a lot of energy and precision. This is one of those projects that won my heart over on the first go. Their vocals are deep and go intact with the instruments. Talking about the instruments, their tracks are rich in exquisite guitars and drums that will blow your mind away.

I recently came across this amazing project recently when I came across their track named Jejune Bug was released in 2018. The track starts off with a guitar melody that binds the listeners to their seats and makes them feel mesmerized. I was impressed when the vocals kicked in. The depth and the sense of the vocals got my attention right off the bat. The whole vibe of this track will surely make your heart dance with joy and weep at the same time. The vocals are a perfect complement to such profound melodies. There are certain points where the instruments seemed to get a bit ahead and the vocals tired out yet it was so beautifully executed that it might as well be intentional. This is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while. Do give it a go if you have some time to spare. Beware that it is highly addictive.

You can listen to a little glimpse of the track Jejune Bug by Weather King over here –