Defining the mystical with their psychedelically stylized dark rock, Jon Othello and Elle Flores formed West Wickhams as an imagined rival gang to punk-style icons, The Bromley Contingent. Their EP, Magenta represents the color of universal harmony, happiness, and emotional balance in musical form. Opening with Swear Above Suspicion, the album is a blooming bouquet of West Wickhams ‘ hypnotic pieces.

The outfit claims Mary Shelley, Whitby Abbey, Pipe Organs, Gothic Novels, Castles, Euphoria, Flowers, Optical Illusions, and Edgar Allen Poe as their major influences. Exuding the despondent passion and tortured eccentricity of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, the artists build a towering castle of gothic/horror rock.

Warm and fuzzy twilight riffs open the song. The smoky accents of molten guitar glower with premonition and passion within the riff arches. The shadows of vocals dart across the walls of melodies, and murky closets of gothic paraphernalia. The hypnotic allure of the song lies in its mosaic of textures. Their kaleidoscopic arrangements and presentations cast a devouring spell, delicious and divine.

Magenta follows the release of the outfit’s debut EP, Consider Her Way, released this summer as a Limited Edition CD! and is available only on bandcamp :

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