The West Wickhams is an indie rock band with a razor sharp edge. They subscribe to the dark gods of punk rock, grunge, and garage rock, enhancing their mysteries with experimentation, psychedelia, and post punk cultures. They are rough and raw as they explore the outlier, softened only by the imaginative quotients and the mild warping sonic effects. West Wickhams are Jon Othello and Elle Flores from Tresco on the Isles of Scilly. They debuted in 2019 with their unique brand of psychedelia, with each release intensifying and distilling their explorations. Their latest release is the album, ‘Vivre Sa Vie’. Across seven acts, they present cinematic and visually stimulating masterpieces, creating sonic landscapes in the mind.

iTunes Artwork for 'Vivre Sa Vie (by West Wickhams)'

‘The Maddening Crowd’ perfectly exemplifies their style. Deploying a cryptic ambience, they infuse a sense of surrealism and outworldiness. Through fogs of unrelenting riffs, alien synth streaks and hypnotic vocal accents make their presence felt. There’s a sense of urgency and agitation instilled into the composition. It is only magnified and made more ominous as it progresses. References of Pink Floyd and Genesis are seamlessly coupled with their contemporaries like MGMT and Pond. Listen Now!

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