Wexford is an alternative, punk and post-hardcore band based in Ohio. Having been releasing music only since the beginning of 2024, they already have two singles and an album under their belt. Their debut single “Change your mind” is energetic and impressively produced.

The track starts off with echoed out drums which is the only part of the single apart from the very end where we hear a single element. In many ways it gives off the energy one has at the start of a race. The percussion and electric guitars kick in almost immediately, together forming the very foundations of the track. The guitars are the star of the show and hold most of the energy with Andy Kohlmann having a steady strumming pattern and the very catchy bass riffs by Shawn Daley leading the chord progression. The percussion by Jeff Vandebussche feels like a release straight from a hard-core metal punk track.

The vocals by Dave Mueller intentionally or unintentionally take a back seat on this track. The double layering of the vocals and overall production and mixing is done such that the amazing instrumentation takes spotlight. Even though much of the track has a similar sonic palette, the instrumentation holds your attention even in its light and efficient variations. I hope to see Wexford experiment and play with energy levels more in the future. Lyrically, the track keeps it minimal, not pulling focus away from the percussion and strings.

“Change your mind” by Wexford is the perfect track for when you just want to rock out and release pent up energy. The songwriting makes it hard to believe that it is a debut. I genuinely look forward to all that the band has to give us in the future.