Winchester 7 & The Runner is a serendipitous connection of Amsterdam-based bassist Phil Voorhees, United Kingdom-based drummer Jack Kane (The Runners), and Atlanta, Georgia-based vocalist and ukulelist  Winchester 7. And this musical trinity explores a forgotten world of sound and style to deliver splendid fusions of indie garage rock, laced with a modern alternative outfit that shows off classic and surf influences. Taken from their brand new album, Heart of the Golden Mystics, The Saint Simon Killer Returns by Winchester 7 & The Runners is a riveting melancholic indie-rock anthem.

The track has an addictiveness. With effortless pace and seamless rhythm design, its smooth sonic scape slips away too soon and has you going back for more. Gossamer synths scatter delightfully at moments of frequency conjugations between the ukulele melodies and tumulus beat cycles. The broad strokes and the effervescent sound of the electric ukulele creates spacious caves where the dark vocals form. And their sensational emotions disperse into the canvas to make rain clouds of blues.

The band brought in the sophisticated mixing skills of Jon Paz and his assistant, Norr Madagascar on keyboards. Written and recorded by the band, the 8-track album reveals a wonderful parlance among themes like fantasy, tragedy, absurdity, dark comedy, and human vices.

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