ZETA-HED brings some serious genre breaking music with the kind of song that exists. We know this only to be an entity that promises chaos through audio, so prepare yourself for some gorgeous discombobulation. This is the single from the EP with a Sound. This one is called Garbage Can Beat Down. 

From what can be figured out, this fast-paced single leans towards some delirious street punk. The percussion welcomes you, with some serious riff work. The crunch in the strings is felt through all the membranes-while having an inspiring, combination of classic rock and metal. It sounds like what metalcore would shift within the rap metal and punk game. The infusion is as exciting as it is disorienting. This does not take away from how awesome the song is. There are planar opposites that come together in some places, especially as the track is closing off. The best part is, we can’t categorize ZETA-HED to always produce a song like this. Each remains more than a Kinder Joy surprise laced with LSD. 

You will find several songs by ZETA-HED on playlists across the globe. This exciting breakthrough of genres and styles to make something of an “audio disruptor” is something that the band/entity/individual can cherish. Immaterial, it is the song’s overall energy you should be focused on, and the powerful EP that they have prepared. Listen to the single here, and follow for more from the enigma!