Aaron Abramowitz is a singer-songwriter and pianist who captures the contents of his heart and mind within the threads of melody. His compositions are pieces of his life, showcasing personal melancholy, intimate thoughts, sweet memories, and beautiful agony. Aaron’s style has a prominent acoustic rock imprint, tempered by classical accents and poetic lyricism. The “Funny Little Dream” album is his sophomore release. Taken from this collection is the song, Berkeley, in which Aaron Abramowitz writes a heartfelt letter to his city perhaps in an attempt to let his heart breathe. The track perfectly portrays the musical mosaic that is Aaron’s art and style. 

The track opens with pensive acoustic piano melodies. It forms the perfect backdrop for Aaron’s voracious soliloquy. His longing baritones piece together past memories with lingering pain. A smooth pyro glide brings in the drums and the high piano resonance. He recollects the landscapes of San Francisco, and drenches it in the nostalgia of its sunsets, jasmines and eucalyptus trees. Listening to the track both springs and soothes the feeling of homesickness. He matches the sloping vocals with uplifting swings of melody to align the past with the daydreams of the present and the future. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Berkeley from the “Funny Little Dream” Album by Aaron Abramowitz here –