Aboutmeemo is the musical moniker of multi-talented and multi-genre artist, Mimmo Ripa. As a guitarist, bassist, songwriter, artistic producer, and vocalist, Mimmo constructs his soundscapes with his self-taught musical affluence. He hails from Connemara, Ireland; with his music referencing his personal experiences and stories. Mimmo’s songwriting revolves around self-expression and exploration. His autobiographical accounts are lilting and relatable as he formulates them into feel good, pop-rock songs. In his latest track, Feel Safe Again, Aboutmeemo addresses heartbreak and loss in a lilting commentary on humans’ want for love and affection. 

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“Make me feel safe again, make me feel safe again….” forms the looping mantra as he takes us through glinting acoustics, gunning riffs, and slapping beats. The melodic rock song is incredibly warm and light. Mimmo’s passionate baritones sway through the genial atmosphere; a contemporary version of  classic styles of artists like The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, and the like. And as the track flows into the climactic arc, the artist inculcates springing trumpets into the spirited play of the guitar riffs and drum beats. Despite the melancholic undertones, Mimmo creates an atmosphere of celebration, manifesting the love and home that he craves. Listen Now! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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