Alas de Liona makes it look easy, with the way she performs. Her voice has that mystical, ever-escaping quality of a singer everyone craves. Her latest single, is an expression of just that, how malleable and interesting she can make a song with what looks like an effortless dive into the mood. This is Spirals.

With a synth ocean creating the tidal wave of sound that opens this track, Alas de Liona has a contrasting take. Simple and surreal, she glides on these tides like the ethereal voice she is. The song urges compassion and introspection, of a moment that dominates someone’s life. It is a relatable moment of thought paranoia, and the effects do justice to it. If the verse section is the gaze into the horizon, the chorus brings about the wading into troubled water. The instrumental work is perfect for the song as well, making ripples only where required. Her music can be discovered on numerous indie playlists all across Spotify. It is a brilliant way of working through aspects of life, almost peering into a personal account on a journal. 

The repetition of the chorus does what everyone would unanimously feel, reiterate the emotion as it repeats. Her songs like Cascade and Pages are gentle but real moments of meditative reckoning. Her approach has the maturity of a polymath working through several problems at once, with one solution as the end goal. Listen to her superb single here: