Aldís Fjóla takes a brief pause from her rock roots to create a ruminative acoustic atmosphere. The artist is known for her irrevocable devotion to rock and its vast spectrum. But she is equally smitten with narratives and deep lyrical themes. This is the side of her we get in her new track, ‘Quiet the Storm’. Unadulterated, pure, and so beautifully candid. The track is released in collaboration with pianist Halldór Sveinsson. His gentle yet rich lines of melodic sentiment carry her vocals with so much grace, leaving space for it to find its expression progressively.

iTunes Artwork for 'Quiet the Storm (feat. Halldor Sveinsson) - Single (by Aldís Fjóla)'

The track achieves a conceptual duality that fully appreciates the title. Its composition is born out of need for peace and calm, but the lyrics spread out like chaotic poetry, slipping into vessels of depression, looping demons and a grand isolation. The neo classicals and the vocals are so ethereal and weightless but they are deafening in sentiment. So fathom and write like this speaks instantly to the skill and talent of the artist as a musician. So effortlessly touching and relevant in this time and age where we all are stuck in this very same duality. Listen Now!

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