Alex Blizzy is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and country artist with a penchant for the old-school Heartland Rock & Alt-Country style. And it shows in his song design and sound pallets. Weaving rustic and idyllic acoustics with soft blues and nostalgia, the artist completes his canvasses with mellow rhythms and lilting emotions. Alex Blizzy has just released his debut album, A Step Behind. The collection of straightforward tracks imparts layers of stories and sentiment to the listener. Listeners of Patrick Carpenter, Skrizzly Adams, and My Heart Is A Metronome are sure to enjoy the raw and rugged tracks of this artist. 

The track is a beguiling collection of heartfelt sonic textures. It opens with mourning riffs and dancing acoustics. Streams of melancholy and luminous cheer flow parallelly, uniting seamlessly in the vocals. Alex’s warm baritones cast a country spell as he tells the story of missing the cues of time and being left behind. “Trying to find my way, but it’s never been that easy.” Resignation, disappointment, and dejection swirls in his vocals as they are lifted by the rhythmic beats. While the honesty in the lyrics endears the protagonist and his experience to the listener. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to A Step Behind by Alex Blizzy here –