Alex Mather introduces his musicality with his debut single, That Summer. The Australian singer-songwriter and producer brings his experiences, nostalgia, and emotions to the song. With confessional lyrics and a sweeping vocal performance, the artist transforms the track into a journey back to a dreamy summer, filled with light and love. Fusing country sentiment and acoustics with pop vocals and beats, the artist is able to capture the magic of the memory. 

The artist claims Morgan Wallen, Florida Georgia Line and One Republic’s Ryan Tedder as his primary influences. His genuine, heart drenched vocals is surely reminiscent of Tedder’s visceral and emotive vocal delivery. He began performing in 2019, learning the ropes of being an artist and producer. This self-produced debut track marks the first release of all the music he has lined up for this year. 

The track is a remarkable showcase of Alex’s talent. He effortlessly adopts a breezy Nashville charm in crafting this beautiful love song. Sparkling acoustics sweep across the soundscape, mixing and mingling with the husky baritones. 

And spruced with imagery, the lyrics come alive in the iridescent pools of romantic vocals. Banking on personal experiences, the doe-eyed teenage love narrative has an immediate commercial appeal and is reminiscent of early Taylor Swift. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to That Summer by Alex Mather here –