Room With A View is the debut instrumental single by Alex Zethson featuring Konrad Agnas on the drums, Anton Toorell on the guitar along with Zethson, and Torbjörn Zetterberg on the bass. This Swedish ensemble crafts a jazz lullaby infused with rich Christmas themes like nostalgia, celebration, reflection, and sweet melancholy, making it perfect for the holiday season!

The track is a beguiling showcase of emotive textures and immersive melodies. Lined with a stripped-down drum groove, Toorell’s acoustic strings effervesce into the soundscape with its subtle country charm. They glint and shimmer as they’re swathed by  Zethson’s dominant choral synthorgan chords and MS20 synth lines. The synthorgan solo weaves elegantly through the yawning caves of emotion. Its textured swirls make for a beautiful waltz as they sway and twirl like a snowflake falling from the sky.

Swedish pianist and keyboardist Alex Zethson is a versatile musician who performs with a number of different groups. He has a particular affinity for playing solo but is also comfortable performing with other artists like Sven Wunder and Mariam the Believer. Zethson is also the founder of Thanatosis production, a label that focuses on organizing concerts. His wide-ranging skills and experience make him a highly sought-after musician in the Swedish music scene.

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