Alexa Lash is a singer-songwriter based in Miami Florida who seamlessly blends the genres of folk and pop to create her own unique sound. She has been releasing music since 2019 and her 8th single “Missing” borrows heavily from her experience as a poet to paint us a story within the music.

The production on the track is simple with the majority of the sound coming from the chord progressions on one single instrument – the guitar. The presence of country-influenced accordion is seen prominently at the beginning and as ambience providing elements in the pre-chorus and chorus. This simplicity lets the unique and captivating voice of Alexa Lash shine. Her vocal performance is enhanced by her husky undercurrent and use of devices like whispering in lines like “when she needs independence”.

The writing is anything but generic and knowing she is a poet adds much needed context. One can only provide possible explanations about a songwriter’s intentions but this track seems to be about a daughter’s experience of a father’s anger and her response to a fighting dysfunctional family. This is hinted at in lines like “Hold her and tell her a story, one that’ll rock her to sleep” and “But she looks so much like her mother these days” in the second verse. The track is written in third person and the fact that we don’t know the narrator’s relationship to the subjects is literary to me although she acts as a mediator and advocate for the girl’s feelings.

With only two verses “Missing” is a short and tender track worth checking out for the creativity in the spirit of Alexa Lash.