Alysha Amerson is a singer-songwriter and folk pop. Blending the softness of contemporary pop with autobiographical contemplations, her music creates a sense of expanding intimacy. She explores the flatness and frills of growing pains, youthful tribulations, and how it bleeds into spheres of love, friendships, maturity, and selfdom. Her latest release is ‘Just A Kid’, a track that retrospectively explores the event of losing a mother. It is so vulnerable and honestly presented. Which is to say, the lyrics and tone lack the parabolic melodrama that serves as an easy crutch. Instead, Alysha crafts the experience with plain yet affecting language. Her sentiment is her own, pure and consumed with the essence of a little girl who lost her mother.

The track is dressed in soft synths that swirls into the tender inflections and textures of Alysha’s vocals. It is interesting how the artist uses dream pop accents to unconventionally elevate a theme like this. She explores how that loneliness and feeling of being an outcast never ended and continues to persist even today. Wondering when it will come to a stop, her contemplative and hopeful voice drifts into the climax. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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