American musician, singer-songwriter, and producer, Amanda Fils-Aime enchants us with her new release, Thinking About You. The artist uses her evocative vocals to beautifully bring out the passion in unrequited love. Her brand of soul, soft-pop, and R&B are reminiscent of John Legend, Adele, and Sam Smith. Since the release of her debut single, Moonlight in 2019, the artist has released Love Is Patient, Valentine, and this track.

The artist reveals her vocal prowess like the moon, in beguiling phases of mystique. The deep-seated vocal timbre in the first verse curves beautifully into a trembling leaf of delicate falsetto. With white synths gleaming in the backdrop, the beats slow dance to the rich musical atmosphere that the vocal disperses. In the second verse, the vocals are warm and fuzzy, reflecting the disillusion in the lyrics. It spills into the soundscape with resigned grief before reaching for the heartbreak at the pinnacle of the chorus. Flavored with lavish harmonies, the song has a glamorous allure that puts us in a blue daze.

Her universal lyricism on love and liberation makes for iconic statues that represent our experiences and truths. With an emotive exposition that is magnificent, the artist serenades us with great passion.

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