Andrea Pizzo is an artist who is known for their deep musical skills and their innovative approach to music. This artist spins magic into each of their track that is beautifully blended with lyrics that are rich in emotions and an instrumental that is bound to touch your heart. Anderea’s discography is surely one of the most unique ones I’ve come across in a while. Do give this artist a go and trust me, you will be amazed by their content.

I recently came across this artist through their latest release which is an album of 11 tracks and is named ‘Potatoes On Mars’. There was a track in the album that caught my special attention and that is also named after the name of the album, ‘Potatoes On Mars’. This is the fifth track on the album and surely my personal favorite. The track is packed with some amazing guitar tabs that are intertwined with soulful vocals. This is a track that will make you groove instantly with its infectious melodies and catchy rhymes. I was amazed to witness such an amazing track that has the perfect balance between lyricism and musicality. The drums are tasteful and perfectly complement the track’s vibe. The vocals are crystal clear and something fresh out of the oven. This is surely a track that deserves to be heard by the masses. I will be adding it to my personal playlists for sure. Do give this track a try. You will surely be forced by its charm to listen to it again!

You can catch a little glimpse of the track Potatoes On Mars by Andrea Pizzo here-