Anne Chris is a Dutch vocalist and composer. Known for her remarkably romantic sonic spheres, she delivers enchanting love songs with her latest album, ‘Together’. The collection holds fourteen tracks, each one a nuanced blend of blues, jazz, and soul; a softened and modern emulation of legends like Carlos Santana, Stevie Wonder, and Jobim. Taken from this album, is ‘Shadowlight’, a Latin-infused jazz blues track.

The track also features the talent of Amsterdam-based jazz and ambient pianist and producer, Daan Herweg. With winking melodies and ushered shadow frames, the track is an enchanting sound experience. The gossamer and glassy textures play crepuscular tricks on the mind.

Daan’s piano ensembles are profoundly intuitive and acutely aligned with the thematic ambience and vocal mood. So much so that he orchestrates the dark and light pallets of melody around Anne’s gleaming, blues-crested vocals. Her voice presents like a delicate crescent moon. It ascends with weightless melancholy and vivid poetic affinities. Listen Now!

The album also boasts other wonderful collaborations with artists like Maurice Rugebregt, Tineke Postma, René Van Beeck, Bas Van Der Wal, Ton Mulders, and Peter Dekker. Anne Chris debuted in 2004 with ‘Tomorrow is Today’ album and has since released four full length albums, ‘Play for Now’ (2010), ‘Just Kissed the Sun’ (2014), ‘Flowing Freely’ (2019) and ‘Together’ (2023). She has toured in Italy, England, Morocco,Turkey, India and Thailand.

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