Ava Bryant has always been an introspective artist. She has brought lessons to her fore by looking back at her life. Her revelations are documented through her love for music-as a singer and composer. This is her latest EP, My Life So Far.

What differentiates Ava Bryant from many of her contemporaries is her awareness. They comprise most of her lyrics-a chapter of her life that exposes a vulnerable fraction of her life. She meditates on these motions and thoughts, like in her opening track, who the hell am i?. There are surprising, wholesome aspects with respect to the music. The overall vibe is a minimal intrusion from the instruments. The lyrics are queen, they show the difference in mindless numbing through catchy hooks. Reality checks are a popular spotlight in her tracks. it’s so fun brings out a playful sound, but dives into social standards through her unique lens.

Her track Always You has been immensely popular among indie artists. Releasing the rest of this EP via singles, she has garnered the attention of introverts and extroverts alike-for her acerbic take on life and the absurdities it brings. Here she is at her best, songwriting and composition wise as well. Listen to her conclusive and sharp EP, showing in the limelight and otherwise an artist with a heightened sense of where she is and what she does. Listen to Ava Bryant here: