Ayrton Jimenez is a singer-songwriter who is 22 years old and began his musical journey when he first started writing at the tender age of 10. His music feels like a collision of deep emotions with youth. Being a Colombian and raised in Britain had a miraculous cultural influence on him. His tracks do portray his cultural diversity. He is known for his soulful lyrics that touch the soul and the way he executes them into a song. His mellow yet impactful guitar tune is what makes him stand out from the crowd. Among his vivid discography of 9 tracks, you will find out how deep this artist feels and how able he is to put it all into words.

I came across this amazing artist through his latest release which is named ‘I’m Sure’ which is surely one of his best works yet! The track starts off with a mellow melody that sets the vibe of the track and as the vocal kicks in, everything becomes magical. The track is a love song with some amazing lyrics that will enchant you and send you into a deep vibe. The way the track is structured got me moving side to side, enjoying the soothing aura of the music intertwined with the heartfelt vocals. This is surely a highly recommended track for anyone who enjoys soothing acoustic music. Do give this track a go and trust me you will fall in love with this ecstatic artist who spins magic into his tracks.

“Ayrton Jimenez is an artist who writes through his heart and makes sure that there is no emotion left untold”

Catch a little glimpse of I’m Sure here-