Backstrom is a Swedish singer-songwriter and musician who is known for creating engaging sonic ensembles. Leveraging the theatrics and performative themes of folklore and mystique, he involves us in colorful folk and country rock soundscapes. There’s also a wealth of neo-classicals that find their way into his compositions, boosting the concept and ideas to a burnishing degree. In his latest release, ‘Animal’, you’ll especially see cinematic elements weaving into contemplative instrumentation and a revealing perspective on the human experience.

iTunes Artwork for 'Animal (feat. Bart Topher) - Single (by Backstrom)'

Bejeweled with metaphors and enchanting imagery, the vocals and the harmonies are their own enterprise. They form fantastic imprints on the cello and violin narratives and tie fluidly into the synth breeze to infuse effect into the theme. Lyrically, the track impels us to go seeking for a darkness that lies within us, a visceral commodity that we have all purchased, devoid of morals and values. Despite the mild vocal trajectory, the artists do a great job, coaxing us with contemplations to reach this thematic space. Listen Now!

Backstrom is the function of artist Bart Topher. Having debuted early last year (2023), he has released three singles and is all set to put out his debut album ‘The Carousel’ on January 18th of this year. Make sure to keep an eye out for it!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Animal’ by Backstrom and Bart Topher here –