Barleycove is the creation of singer-songwriter Laura Jones. Her soundscapes fathom a world in the spectrum of Americans, cosmopolitan folk, and classic rock. In her latest release, Forget You, Barleycove crafts a mellow folk ensemble, edged by ethereal synth cliffs. This lo-fi set up is empowering within a sphere of melancholy, as she explores heartache. 

Barleycove’s music is designed with subtle yet versatile parameters, one that engages complexity with simplicity. And that’s a perfect way to describe this track. Inky melodies fade into abstract synth echoes, claiming a beautiful emotional infinity. And her weightless vocals disperse across this transcendental meadow like a contemplative breeze. It is intimate and universal. With progression, she bolsters the ambient swishes to rippling synth lines, a refined dimension that finishes off the track. 

Barleycove debuted in 2014 with her album, Release. As a believer in the healing power of music, she devotes her sonic design to lift up the spirits of the listener in unassuming ways. She has since released two singles, an EP and a sophomore album; her discography featuring the talent and collaborative efforts of The Lickerish Quartet, Andrew Crawford, Sterling Waite, of Reedy River String Band , and Ward Williams of Jump, Little Children. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to ‘Forget You’ by Barleycove here –