Let’s witness a badass love that knows its worth and glows with a magnetic appeal in Badsome by Beware Wolves. The artist breaks down the concept to its baseline – simple and bare, the love is easy, kind, blissful, and full of light. Taken from Volume 1 of the Beware Wolves series, the song shows off a whole new country flavor.

Rough blocks of acoustics set the rhythm and structure of the song. A dancing and glistening line of melody flow underneath, going in and out of the vocals. The multitude of textures is wonderfully reconciled and used skillfully to bring out the song’s theme. Its glinting and glimmering acoustics unearth the folk styles employed by The Beatles. Treading the line of folk-rock, the vocals dart between the two genres and harmonize them.

While the rhythm bobs with a rugged flow, the baritone vocals glower with intensity and self-assured command. The artist plays the role of Love’s Apostle as he lays down its cornerstones. “Love should make you smile for real. It’s well worth stopping the world to feel.” The song is essentially a love song with a unique spin. The protagonist’s love is divine, all-giving, and strong. It’s tender, sweet, and birthed by fairy tales. But, it does not beg or wait for too long.

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