Yet another soul munchie from the country folk and soul artist, Beware Wolves, Bring it to Me drips with romance that melts the heart. Reminding us of the deepest of love, the melodies blossom like tender kisses and warm hugs. Its devotion and benevolence  are fulfilling and just over the top lovely.

Taken from Volume 2 of the Beware Wolves series, the acoustic strings and lead resonate with all the things that are meant to be felt and experienced by the human heart. The guitar melodies flicker like a cozy bonfire. And, the vocals are pregnant with ambrosian affection and deep compassion. Its expressive quality wonderfully brings out the essence of being in love. There’s a freshness about it that profoundly clarifies and confirms our existence.

The perfect serenade, delicate as rose petals and liquid sunsets, it sets the mood for slow dancing and soulful conversations. Reminiscent of Ed Sheeran, John Legends, and Sam Smith, the vocals are the crowning jewel. Like strings of fairy lights, it’s simple and elegant and is utterly binding. The vulnerable track is loaded with honesty that compels reflection and a new appreciation for life.

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