Life lessons imparted with love and kindness -that’s what you get from Holding Out by Beware Wolves. A gem from Volume 4 of the Beware Wolves series, the song holds our hand and patiently leads us to the light, one melody at a time.

The acoustic guitar canvas is rich and full. Flickering melodies sway with the emotion in the vocals as they sow seeds of warmth in the frozen soil. It’s almost as if we have been folded into a motherly embrace. Loaded with a country appeal, the vocals flit across the track like seasons; the healing of spring, nourishment of summer, a monsoonal cleanse, purging autumn, and the numbing cold of winter.

The saplings sprout with love and compassion, under the patronage of the melodies. It rouses us awake from a blue slumber and dusts us off. A divine empathy emerges from the vocals and revitalizes like a refreshing shower. Holding on, holding out is bound to bring such a change about. Forming a single habit or thought or getting through a difficult day and a rough night can be immeasurably transformative. It’s a way to give an opportunity to the universe to interact with us.

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