Taken from Volume 5 of the Beware Wolves album series, Little Voice has the life of a country and a folk soul. With just his vocals and acoustic strings, the artist crafts a small piece of heaven.

Its informal and reflective quality establishes a personal relationship between the artist and us. The nature of the lyrics and their unpretentiousness further compound this feeling. Listening to the song feels a lot like listening to your friend thinking out loud. The artist excavates his experiences to discover emotions with no name. He dives into the small moments of life and emerges with nostalgia that spreads like soft moss across the song.

Reminiscing about the past, the artist chances upon a voice in his head that makes him realize the cost of having memories and experiences – time and innocence. We want to feel the love but don’t want to feel the pain. He recreates that sudden moment of immutable clarity with this track.

Going with the flow, we find ourselves completely consumed by the melancholy that escapes from the expressive vocals. The warm guitar melodies make for a consoling and comforting companion, both to the artist and to us.

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