There have been so many songs sung about the romance of new love. But none that describes it as well as New World by Beware Wolves. The song is part of the Beware Wolves Volume 6 album. The autobiographical track elegantly articulates complex human emotions with its minimalistic style. Be prepared to wipe away the happy tears born out of its delicate fondness and dainty sentiment.

The acoustic strings and lead carve a world of unplugged bliss. Its informality and simplicity immediately lend it an endearing charm. However, this does not take away from how rich the musical canvass is. A quaint blend of country and folk flavors decorates his new world with hope, joy, love, and a bright shining light.

Like a floating island, the vocals drift on the swinging waves of the acoustic ocean. Love transforms the world around us. It has the power to clarify, soften perspectives, and heal old wounds. And we only ever happen to chance upon this new world when we aren’t looking for it. That’s what the artist brings out with this track.

With its baritone vocals full of tenderness and melodies glinting under the new sun, the artist dreams. He dreams of climbing mountains and peeping over their peaks, of exploring its fields and forests, of diving into oceans and drying off its tears, and of playing with its beasts and flying with its birds.

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