Volume 7 of the Beware Wolves series brings us country sunsets and romance with its breakout track, Runaway. Its country-folk allure comes alive almost immediately as the acoustic melodies glint with raw, soulful passion.

The husky baritones alight from the flowering melodies like pollen, hopeful and positive to make a new home in the love of another flower. The molten canvass is intensely velvet and made of country skies. A soft rain that refreshes the earth, the vocals not only highlight but amplify the light in the melodies.

Warm harmonies smoothen the canvass and soften the romance of it. Its intricate weave casts a golden glow – an inescapable acoustic spotlight on the track. It’s delicate, yet resilient, powerful in its grace and endearing in its charm. It reminds us of a garden picnic under the gleaming sun, baked bread, and frosted cones.

As is the signature of the artist, nostalgia is made sweeter with a generous influx of melancholic vocal flourishes. Country at its best, the Beware Wolves series are masterful compositions that recreate human experiences with euphonies that tinker the heart and soul. And, once you get into them, we slide through its melodious rabbit hole to a wonderland of emotions.

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