Dripping with words of wisdom and a reassuring tone, Take It From Me by Beware Wolves is the best medicine for a bad day. Two fingers of it and you will be armed with wisdom and perspective with which you can make yourself feel better.

Warm acoustics birth oozing lines of melodies that pool into a golden lake. It paves the way to a promised land filled with simple joys and fulfilling love. The artist shares his wisdom and urges us to take heed of his checklist. So if you’re feeling lost and are unable to decide which direction to flow in or who to believe, take it from Beware Wolves as he has only your best interests at heart.

The song projects the big picture that reminds us to not fret over the little things that don’t matter. What’s important is to not quit but burrow into experiences and rise with lessons. Using delicate lines of guitar melodies and empathetic lyrics, the song melts into us with ease and grace. Its calming rhythm and encouraging tone, embrace us with kindness and sweetness. Navigating the mystery of the world is overwhelming and might make you feel down. So when you need a comforting touch, a friendly pat on the back, and a good-natured “It’s okay!”, this track is for you.

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