Yet another country pearl from Volume 9 of the Beware Wolves series, Torrey Pine is an autumnal vibe. The melancholy is flitting and light like a breeze blowing by. So pull out your sweaters and snuggle into the song as the earth prepares to hibernate.

Cinnamon browns and vermillion leaves are traced by the melodies as the baritone vocals divulge the pain of heartbreak. The way the artist uses acoustics to bring out varied flavors of country music is bewildering. His vocals soar with blissful nostalgia. Heartbreaking falsettos fan the canvass, with aching tenderness and knit the baritone verses together. Speaking to the virtuosic skill and emotional depth, the song is a euphonic harmony that is both misty and lucid.

The song descends on us like a blanket, encompassing and overwhelming, as it reveals what is contained within the cracks of a broken heart. A story about a love waning like the moon, glistening and rejoicing with love before fading away into the darkness of the sky – before your heart grew as cold as the snow on Torrey Pine. The artist reflects on the encounter, dips into memories, celebrates the tenderness, and licks his wound.

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