Bill Godfrey is having fun with his friends and instruments. He is in the phase where he is ready for people to hear his music, see this version of himself. The EP he releases is a spectacular affair, with creative magic coming in from many sources. As a challenge, he adds the layer of making it completely acoustic. This is his single Hypnotized from the debut EP of the same name. 

That haunting fingerpicking part is what hypnotizes. Bill Godfrey uses his imagination to dig ourselves a new tunnel to explore, and it is gorgeous. It is a tale where he is smitten, and the sequence of events that have left his thoughts in limbo. He has paid close attention to how the song is recorded, ensuring the instruments are at the centre. The tones and textures along with his imagery and poetry all bring this cauldron of creativity to a healthy simmer. As the title track, it is one of the best songs on the EP, while having a taste of the kind of songs you’re going to listen to. The dramatic crescendo it reaches is sure to give you spine tingling ecstasy. 

This debut EP showcases Bill Godfrey in the role of a promising writer and storyteller. It doesn’ hurt that his vocals make you swoon as well, honey crusted with a zing. You can listen to his single and the rest of his EP on his Spotify. For now, let yourself be hypnotized with this single: