Birds Are Better is the musical moniker of Norwegian musician and singer-songwriter, Stian Fjellda. The artist’s delightfully poignant sound design and production gives us an insight into the beguiling trappings of his mind. Stian describes his style as, “a unique slant to folk music with a fusion of traditional folk, power-pop, synth-rock and indie-pop.” Super Highway is the latest release of Birds Are Better. Its smooth rises and soothing falls are as soft tempered as the lulling ocean waves.

Juxtaposing an emotive Beatlesque folk style with vibrant electro sonics and beats, the artist sets the stage for a modern-classical romance that refreshes the mind. The vintage baritones thrive under the celestial sky of orchestral harmonies. Elevated by hyperactive synths and vibrant beats, the song builds up a grand feeling of exhilaration. 

Like a crystal, the song reflects an ever changing perspective, sometimes redolent of retro pop bands like Abba and other times of indie-pop and folk artists like Nick Drake and Sufjan Stevens. Having debuted in 2022, the artist has three single releases under his belt, each one showcasing spectacular music compositions, production value, and innovation. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Super Highway by Birds Are Better here –