Brad Sims is a singer-songwriter and country-rock artist. He has a way of creating soundscapes that seamlessly juxtapose old-school and modern interpretations of the genre. This way, he brings texture, dimension, and a freshness to his compositions. In his latest single, ‘Settle Her Down’ Brad Sims unwraps a luminescent melancholy wrapped in romance and adoration as he speaks of his love. Listeners of The Eagles, The Everly Brothers, and Bruce Springsteen are sure to enjoy the touching emotional density of this track.

iTunes Artwork for 'Settle Her Down - Single (by Brad Sims)'

He crafts the song with the soft treasures of acoustics and the molten blooms of electric guitar melodies. It gives it a buoyancy that plays into the upbeat and casual nonchalance of the vocals. Brad’s baritones are storytelling orbs, that in celebration and adoration of love acquires a telling beauty and feel-goodness. It spreads to the listener and makes for a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging listening experience. Listen Now!

Brad Sims debuted in 2016 with his album, ‘Maybe Tonight’ and has since released six singles, each one resplendent with a country/americana charm that you want to keep going back to.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Settle Her Down’ by Brad Sims here –