Breena is an indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Spruced with blues, jazz, and pop, she is known for her lulling and soulful compositions. The listening experience is curated with incredible sentiment and ruminations that amasses with time and texture. Her latest track, ‘At The Seaside’ beautifully brings out this presentation style. It forms with winding instrumentations, swirling moods, and soft momentous evolutions. Breena’s vocals drift as a stream of consciousness, tying in with the mellow energy of the melodies to create an introspective atmosphere.

iTunes Artwork for 'At the Seaside - Single (by Breena)'

It is elegantly pieced together with a rich sense of style and bluesy cultures. She refurbishes vintage blues with contemporary affluence. You’ll pick up on mellow jazz resonance flowing into the bare guitar grooves and beats. The energy picks up at the bridge. An influx of blurry trumpet/sax fabrics spill across the backdrop, lifting into the vocal emotion. It is dreamy, melodramatic, and melancholic; Reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Fiona Apple meets Jorja Smith and Kehlani. Listen Now!

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