Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Brian Allison has just released an astounding single, Sweet Marie and it is everything! Baring his heart, the prolific country/Americana musician crafts wholesome songs that are reminiscent of John Denver and Chris Stapleton. His seamless vocal transitions and their interaction with a full musical canvas is a marvel to behold.

Right off the bat, the first sensation that you will feel, within seconds of listening to the song, is a towering devotion. With the acoustics strings lighting up your brain with country melodies, the song’s majestic flow is very overwhelming. But, in the best way. It is impossible to turn away from the breathtaking beauty that is, this song. It perfectly embodies the uncontainable empathy and love of the protagonist for Sweet Marie.

The pedantic lines of banjo melodies are incredibly immersive and tendered with so much emotion. Carrying the soul of country fields and their basking cattle, it flowers inside us to create fields of swaying flowers. However, the crowning jewel of the song is definitely the vocals. The artist unleashes his heart, uninhibited, burgeoning with experiences and memories. It rises like a wall, smooth and strong, with a vocal timbre that is as heavy and wise as a tree.

The artist incorporates streams of electric guitar melodies and heavy beats at the bridge that drive it to a grand climax. Country at its best, the track is heart-warming and humbling.

Available on Spotify and YouTube Music!

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