Butterfly Haus is the musical moniker of Nigerian-American producer, songwriter and recording artist, Osaze Akerejah. Osaze explores themes like self, identity, love, mental health, and life colored with his personal values. Started as a therapeutic outlet, this indie-alternative banner spearheads the artist’s new sense of being and becoming in the wake of mental and physical health struggles. In his brand new album, Time Bomb Season, he showcases his eclectic talent and expansive sound profiles. Used To The Pills is a swelling acoustic expose that stems and ebbs directly from Butterfly Haus ‘ conscience. 

The track is a loosely strung acoustic number. Led by the artist’s evocative vocals and filtered through the atmosphere of swirling emotions, Used To The Pills is a vanishing act. The wispy melody and fading falsettos coalesce to form the haze of a pill induced mind.

The Brooklyn-based artist carves out his own sense of style. Unabridged and honest, he makes out subtle contexts that help clarify the complexities of universal themes. This solo project, dreamy of in the late 2000s, blossomed in 2020 with the first release, Black&White. 2022 saw a great influx with the release of four singles and an album; inspired by personal struggles. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Used To The Pills from the Time Bomb Season album by Butterfly Haus here –