Carpe Diem has released yet another one of their soul-searching euphonic melodies called Pixie Dust. The two-piece band, made up of a guitar and vocals, crafts such magical scenarios and moments that take us to lands far far away. The band released its debut single, Your Face, Your Fate in 2021 and has followed it up with three beguiling singles this year with Shadow, Dream Big, Little Girl, and this track.

All the above tracks create unique cinematic musical expositions of the themes in ways that enchant and confound us. Starting with bird songs, the delicate translucent fabric of the vocals falls from the sky. It drapes around you with its wisdom and feminine grace. As soft as the clouds and as mesmerizing as the sky, the emotion in the vocals are expanded by the folk flute.

The earthy aesthetic of the song resonates throughout the track. It shows up in the mystique tones of the vocals, and the soul of the flute. And its ancient magic rises within the canvas with a scintillating nostalgia. Like a lonely breeze, the track blows eternally, leaving pockets of pixie dust to be remembered by.

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