Carson Aday is an acoustic artist, multi-instrumentalist, and confessional singer-songwriter. Blending spell-casting acoustics with his deep timbre vocals, his compositions are often bejeweled by his poetic presentations and beautiful narratives. In his latest single, Chest Pain, Carson Aday delves into heartache through ruminative and introspective conduits. 

The track is a melancholic recollection of golden days of a relationship in its aftermath. Stringing frames of memory with undulating nostalgia and glinting acoustics, Carson attempts to understand the meaning of it all. All the feelings, sweet, sour, and bitter respires under the numb sobriety of his vocals. Listeners of John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and John Legend are sure to enjoy the vintage and timeless aesthetic of this artist. 

Carson began his journey with music at the age of fourteen with a piano. His innate musicality allowed him to quickly flourish in the field. He debuted his first album, Full Circle in 2020 and followed it up with the Midnight on a Flower Moon album the next year; making this track, the artist’s third official release. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Chest Pain by Carson Aday here –