Cas Du Pree is a singer-songwriter and an alt-folk artist. His soundscapes illustrate beautiful folk-pop-electro-rock continuums. Brandished by dreamy elements and romantic design, he is known for his heartfelt and hopeful compositions. In his latest single, ‘Let’s Go!’, Cas Du Pree sets out an invigorating track that impels and encourages the listeners to believe in themselves. Listeners of A Great Big World, Owl City, and Elton John will enjoy the emotional swells of this artist. His ability to layer sentiments and stories and create a candid narrative on themes like self-love, growth, change, and love is arresting. Listen Now! 

The track has a tiered execution. Its foundational layer has an acoustic simplicity, with glinting strings and warm baritones. With skilful beat setups looped into soaring riffs and dreamy synths, he elevates us through intense emotional mists. Its production technique allows for the seamless merging of electronic mists with striking electric guitar frames. Towards the climax, he fathoms a vibrant atmosphere that moves you to exhilaration. 

Cas Du Pree debuted in 2020 with his track, ‘A Better Me’ and has since composed an absorbing litany of music with six singles and an album. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to ‘Let’s Go!’ By Cas Du Pree here –