With suave and class, Cassie explores the contours of love, relationships, and heartbreak in her new album, The Heart Has Eyez. The ten tracks are delivered with inexorable and deep emotions that recreate her experiences for us to behold. Full of transfixing rhythms and blues, the album is sure to sway you with its melodies and melodrama.

Do What I Want opens the album. Featuring A.J. Kemp, the song slow dances into being. With pulsing synths and celestial harmonies forming the backdrop, the sweet vocals unfurl with a divine melody. Despite its seemingly mellow personality, it is intense in its passion and the protagonist’s resolve to do what she wants and take her rightful place. Played continues this heavenly R&B journey. Acoustic piano melodies set up an inky canvas for the synths to grow in. Synthetic harmonies flit liltingly, glowing like jellyfish. The immersive vocals relate to an experience with sinister love and bad behavior. The male harmonies that the artist uses speak to the humiliation that still haunts the protagonist as she blames herself for not seeing past the façade.

My Fault, featuring AJ Kemp is the third song of the album. The song is all beats and vocals, memories, and experiences. Cassie’s vocals are so emotive that they recreate the encounter and allow us to witness it firsthand. Her expressive vocals manifest and create past worlds and drag them to the present. There’s no pretense, no veil – raw and naked, her heart’s torments bridge the gaps in our own. Sess flourishes with molten synths, fresh like spring flowers. Dripping with nostalgia and melodrama, the song is loaded with harmonies that mirror these feelings and magnify its effect to infinity.

Bye marks the midway of the album. Featuring AJ Kemp, Cassie’s magical vocals crafts a sentimental paradise. You just cannot get enough of her vocals. Its graceful exposition of darkness and pain is bewildering to witness. With a small dollop of euphoria mixed into the aching canvas, the song is an easy winner. In Where Did You Go, the artists’ vocals lament a lost love amidst a shimmering synth canvass. Soft clapping beats set the rhythm as harmonies weave in and out of the echoing soundscape.

85 opens with playful synths lined with mesmerizing light. Earthy beats underlie the quivering synths that swish freely and formlessly, becoming everything and absorbing everything. Reminiscent of underwater nymphs, the haunting harmonies in Pisces have a transfixing allure that put us in a daze. The mystery of the ocean sounds in the synths as the vocals explore the nostalgia of a relationship. Air and Blue end the album with compelling melodies that has us feeling as blue as the endless skies.

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