Cerys Georgina sings about the inevitability of living. As she puts it, her songs are about everything and nothing at the same it. It’s a way of looking at life and enjoying its moments. In her debut single, Nobody’s Birthday, Cerys Georgina showcases her unique sound. With an indie allure, the track is a mellow electro-pop interlude that traces the contours of art-rock. By creating this dreamy mosaic of diverse styles, she manifests love and cheer.

Led by stripped-down acoustic vocals, the soundscape is a breeze sometimes and sometimes, a gushing wind. Featherlight, the wispy vocals float away with the synths like a hat in the wind. Its smoky texture makes it easy for the melodies to effervesce into it to make vanishing arches of melancholy. Thin lines of acoustics, warm basslines, chirping birds, and crashing ocean waves form portraits of emotions as the articulate lyrics pass through them.

The artist creates a dual sense of passion and apathy simultaneously. One moment, we are leaping with the synths, flying sky-high and glinting under the sunlight and the next moment, we are in an anticlimactic haze of blue numbness. In under four minutes, we experience the fleeting realities of a whole life.

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