An artist like Chandra brings a lot of idiosyncrasies. The way he approaches music is like an open diary for the day that wants to tell us about. Honest revelations, creative imagery and a wonderful, rich sound is what this musician has for us. His latest single is a culmination of all these things. This is Smile (No Fox Gibbon).

There is a post punk kind of air this song has. No percussion, the opening is just Chandra and his guitar. A joyous song, something that comes to attention is his immaculate voice control. It shows this sweet tone, with accurate pitch changes and transitions. It becomes an instant classic, for the kind of lyrics and positive air it has about it. For the past few weeks, I’ve heard many dark pop tracks, so Chandra’s song is a breath of fresh air in a bleak setting. It is the kind of optimism that melts away my cynicism, and I see myself dancing out to this single with great energy. The melody of the chorus is beautiful, etches itself in your brain. Pretty and Lighters to the Sky included, I think Smile comprises one of his best singles till now.

His tone reminds you of 00s rock, and his lyrics of a time long gone. Yet, Chandra is making his way to the promised land of indie rock stars, and I’m excited to see him there. You can listen to his single here and follow him for more!: