Charlie Diamond is a singer-songwriter and folk artist. His music chronicles and carries tales from his life. Every song that he writes and sings has a personal and authentic flavor to it and that’s his special ingredient. Singing from the heart. In his latest single, ‘New York’s Been Good to Me’, Charlie speaks to the charm and magic of New York City.

 As he travels through the city, he speaks of all the ways in which the city took him in as her own and alleviated his loneliness. With simple storytelling and real emotive values, the song is a heartfelt love letter to the Big Apple. And there’s something about it being delivered with a Bob Dylanesque folk style that further elevates the listening experience. 

iTunes Artwork for 'New York's Been Good To Me - Single (by Charlie Diamond)'

Maybe it’s the nostalgia from reviving a dying genre. The rawness of the harmonica and the gentleness of the guitar acoustics play so beautifully into Charlie’s vocal charm. He doesn’t sing about the usual romanticism of the place, but about the nuanced evocations that the place brought out in him. In this endearing letter, he even maps the city with the memories he made and emotions he felt in iconic places like the Brooklyn Bridge, The Village and others. It’s such a feel-good and fulfilling track. Listen Now! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music

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