I miss the simplicity of James Taylors writing. Chris St John brings that art form back with a concrete foundation, song after song. His latest single is called My Sunrise, a sweet love track with progressions that feel straight out of a Taylor songbook. This is why it sounds so good.

Using only essential accompanying instrumentals, he creates a rich, heartfelt atmosphere where he lets his heart sing. The signs are obvious, it is of love, longing and adoration. Being the opening track of his album Fly Away, it is important that this has a lasting impact. As a musician, he establishes himself with just the opening part. There are no bells and whistles, just honest songwriting. The chorus and verse blend together as almost one, and the skills are born through experience. With such catchy, caring elements that stitch the track together seamlessly, it is difficult to point to mistakes in the track, other than the fact that it ended. The unique choice of chords and vocal patterns allow us to absorb what Chris St John is singing with joy about.

He has released 2 albums this year, Fly Away and When Dreams End. Like journals, they document his state of mind and the reflection on the music he makes. Flowing from joy to frustration, sadness and melancholy-this artist treats these albums like fragments of a film. Listen to his single and explore his albums here: