Electronic artist and singer-songwriter, Clare Easdown has a nuanced understanding of sound design and development. The artist espouses her emotional experiences and human condition and layers it into her music. Reconciling diverse styles and perspectives, she is able to compact her tracks with both energy and emotion. For her latest release, To The One’s I Love, Clare Easdown collaborates with Jburnsmusic. 

Easdown has a dark charisma that finds its way into her music. In this track, she grapples with feeling invisible and inconsequential in the world. Mellow synth patterns form on emphatic hip-hop beats. The sultry despondency in the vocals fill the soundscape with rich emotion. Listeners of Billie Eilish, Tove Lo and Lorde are sure to enjoy the deviant oddity of this artist. 

Trained in the classical cello as a teenager, the artist used it as a leaping point to find her sound. In searching for a fluid medium to express her complexity, she found electronic music. Blending its diversity with soul styles like R&B and hip-hop, she devised an interactive sound space. Easdown debuted in early 2022 with her single, My Mind and has since released over thirty five songs in a year! 

The track is available for streaming on all popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen To The One’s I Love by Clare Easdown featuring Jburnsmusic here –