Claude.Ink is an artist who chooses his debut album to be his introduction. Inkwell has his musings, dreams and thoughts from the time he decided to be a musician and a singer-songwriter. This is his single, Thanks for All the Goodbyes, from the same album. Prepare for an alternate dissonance.

With exaggerated syncopation, he chooses to line a felt box full of melodies. The song is a yearning, and introspective translation in ways. The guitar tone is as gentle as his voice, the tremble is highlighted by the vibrato on the guitar. An artist who thinks through his composition, this message for longing and despair is as attractive as it is heartbreaking. Claude.Ink has checked all the boxes in creating a song that resonates with a certain heartbreak, yet perseveres in love and emotional conduct. The poetry in the lyrics are truly heart-stopping, if you choose to listen well and not let the moment pass.

His musical journal, Inkwell has songs that vibrate of the same feeling or effect. He exaggerates some, mutes others, and some are in full display. His heart goes out to the past to relive the memories, and make ones that imprint for a lifetime in our souls. Rock My Body and Astronomy are special favourites, though the album is an ironclad masterpiece from this supposedly amateur artist. Listen to his album and single here: