Cloudy Galvez is an independent singer-songwriter based in Lichfield, England. She has been producing her own music and releasing singles since 2016 and is an active participant in the local music scene in London. Her latest single “Forget About You” is soft, melodic and perfect for romanticising life.

The single is instrumentally simple, keeping elements and production to a minimum such that Cloudy Galvez and her vocal performance can take centre stage. The track starts off with just strings, a simple chord progression and feel-good strumming patterns. “Forget About You” incorporates keys in the background that set a rain-like ambience. The vocals of Cloudy Galvez come in very tenderly, with a whispery husk and build up to being strong over the course of the four minutes. I thought that the back-up vocals in the pre-chorus and chorus were used cleverly from a production point of view to create atmosphere. Her vocal inflection sometimes model yodeling and the bowed strings in the chorus adds emotion to the track.

“Forget about you” uses the line “I can’t forget about you” and its repetition as a device to convey the strength of the feeling.  Lyrically as the title suggests, the track explores the aftermath of heartbreak. The artist recollects how something wasn’t right while the second verse reflects on her own mistakes over the course of the relationship. She seems to be asking the person she wants to forget about the address to a place where she can let go of them, which is an interesting yet often true contradiction.

If you are looking to add a soothing track to your “romanticise life” playlist, “Forget About You” by Cloudy Galvez is the one.